Group Training Classes

 Upcoming workshop in December, 2019:

• Beyond Basics Workshop "No Jumping on Guests"

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 6:30-8 p.m. This one night workshop will help you learn how to teach your dog to politely greet guests.

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                In-Home Private Training

This is done in your home with you, the dog and the family where most problems occur.  Often dogs will act differently at home than they do away, so it is best to work in the enviornment where the dog is most comfortable and the behaviors occur.  You are given private instruction that is invaluable in providing you with the knowledge and confidence that you need to continue training with your dog. Private trainings include basic training and/or behavior modification.  

                                 Training Packages

Intro to Basic Manners  Two 75 minute sessions personalized to help your dog learn some basic skills and help with any behavior problems.  $170

* One 75 min alternative session for $90

Complete Basic Manners - Three 75 minute sessions that will help your dog learn all basic skills or improve on the consistency of previous learned skills.  $225

Basic Manners Combo - One 75 min private session and one 4 week group Basic Manners Class. This package is great for those dogs who need to learn some basic skills, need socialization with other dogs but also need a little one-on-one training as well.  $169

*Two private sessions and one 4 week group class combo  $229

One Hour Phone Consultation Perfect for the person needing some advice on common problem behaviors such as chewing, barking, digging, or help with housetraining tips or separation anxiety.  Call to schedule your phone consultation.  $40

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Training should always be fun for you and your dog!

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Teach your dog the value in a "sit." Have him sit for EVERYTHING! This is your dog's way of saying "please," and he will learn that sitting will get him what he wants! Your dog will learn that sitting will get him attention, his meal food or his favorite toy. Your dog will not learn what's expected unless you TEACH him! Keep it fun and keep it rewarding!